LSConline by Lea Sport Centre online shopping platform website design and built

LSConline is a PREMIER online shopping platform for sporting footwear, apparel and accessories. The Website caters international brands and Sarawakian home brand, the STARSPORT, the official attires for Sarawak FA team, as well as the official attires for Sarawak Contingent during SUKMA since 2002.

What we do

Design and build the e-commerce website with modern design, responsive layout, and easy to use backend system that is friendly for end-user. With our “Dynamic Content Modules” that is easily to use to manage their content without a programming knowledge.


  • Content management system, can easily manage the product/content/promotion from backend without advance programming knowledge.
  • Dynamic Content Block by HDS, easily to manage the content with dynamic modules that able to add into any pages, post etc. Things like tabs, accordion, photo gallery, grid items, banners, parallax image, video etc. Are so easy to add and manage now, and they are responsive design, which fit perfectly into any screen size of the devices.
  • SEO friendly, Optimised for fast loading, compatible with iPad/iPhone/Androids tablet etc. and different kind of modern web browsers.
  • Easy to expand and add-on more modules in future.
  • e-Commerce platform, online sales, flash sales, product variation, product customization, coupon discount, weight based shipping, Tax/GST control, invoicing, various mail forms.

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