Looking for pro web design specialist for your project or business? Contact Hen Design Studio, we will get back to you asap once you submit your inquiry. Email is the faster way to reach us, yes, Email, :).

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Contact info.

  • General inquiry: [email protected]
  • Support & Help: [email protected]
  • Location: SOHO based, we work everywhere as long it is connected. We are tech savvy, and we have been doing this for more than 10 years since 2006, and today we are still wondering why we need an office?
Seriously? No contact number?
  1. You have no idea how many marketing/scam call we receiving everyday if put our phone number here.
  2. We would like to focusing on what we are doing and keep the phone as silent as possible.
  3. We believe the client who look for us, they should know how to use email as it is all about WWW.
  4. We will only send our contact number and person to contact to our client once we received your email, or we will call you.
  5. Fax number: [2017 onward, Let’s kill the Fax, it is so old and waste resources, use email faster, don’t you think?]
When we unplug?
  • Monday to Friday: On from 09:00 – Off from 18:00.
  • Saturday and Sunday: Keep the computer away and usually won’t reply your Whatsapp message or email if it is about works, especially if it is not urgent matter. We know when to rest, as we are human, and need to send for service every Sunday, :).
  • Public Holiday (Malaysia): Totally disconnected, unreachable. Except server support.

* All these rules help us discipline ourself and keep us alive and performing well until today, we don’t see any reason to change it.