Custom Blair – Sereni & Shentel web application development (HTML 5)

A custom blair web application that coded via HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and PHP. Intergrade with existing online ecommerce system for directly order. Each stones/blairs/bows can be customize according to the provided colour plate. Optimised for loading and compatible with all the latest modern web browser that support HTML5. If using IE8 below will get a warning message that the site is unsupported.

I’m glad i gave up Adobe Flash 2 years ago (I was a Interactive Flash Developer since year 2003 – 2006). Recently Adobe is going to give up developing mobile support of Flash Player and completely switch to HTML5, once again to prove that Steve Jobs was right.

I manage to catch up with HTML5 since last year. This is my first HTML5 project, and there will be more.

Meanwhile, do spend a minute and go and give it a try at:


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