VH Green Nature Park Website Design and Setup

VH Green Nature Park is an outdoor classroom with unique landscaping to integrate educational elements into existing nature already found in the area. Outdoor park, educational centre for children, petting zoo, permaculture and botanical discovery hub all rolled into the one.

Client would like to have modern, fun, kids friendly website that represent it identity and theme, with a useful information and friendly layout for end user to access.


  • Content management system with page builder tool – drag and drop the content, images, video, slide, tabs, accordion etc. Without coding needed
  • Totally control their page layout, design, font, colour scheme etc.
  • Easy to use form builder to create different kind of online forms without programming knowledge needed.
  • SEO friendly and responsive layout that fit into any screen size of smartphone, desktop, tablet and laptop, with user friendly interface.
  • Optimized for fast loading and W3C standard.