Naim Holdings Berhad New Website design and setup (2016-2019)

Naim is one of the leading township developers in Sarawak, with flagship developments in Miri, Kuching and Bintulu. Naim is also a Class A Bumiputera Contractor with ISO 9001 certification and has recently emerged as one of Malaysia’s largest Bumiputera contractors.

What we do

We help Naim Holdings Berhad to revise their previous website into a website with dynamic content modules and with content management system support, and keeping the overall identity and look match with their sub-sites like Naim Property website,  to allow them easily insert things like tabs, accordion, parallax, banners, photo gallery, collage type banners etc. without any programming knowledge needed.


  • Content management system, can easily manage the product/content/promotion from backend without advance programming knowledge.
  • Dynamic Content Block by HDS, easily to manage the content with dynamic modules that able to add into any pages, post etc. Things like tabs, accordion, photo gallery, grid items, banners, parallax image, video etc. Are so easy to add and manage now, and they are responsive design, which fit perfectly into any screen size of the devices.
  • Board of director easily manage and arrange for the position display.
  • SEO friendly, Optimised for fast loading, compatible with iPad/iPhone/Androids tablet etc. and different kind of modern web browsers.
  • Easy to expand and add-on more modules in future.



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