Hock Seng Lee Berhad (HSL) Corporate Website Design and Setup

Over the last thirty years, HSL has taken on land reclamation projects of increasing size and complexity acquiring complementary expertise in soil improvement works, shore protection, drainage, rural water supply and wastewater management systems. It is now capable of a wide range of complex marine infrastructure, civil engineering and construction works. It has also diversified into property development under wholly- owned subsidiary Hock Seng Lee Construction Sendirian Berhad.

What we do

Client would like to re-design and building their website and present their projects in modern, stylish, clean and user friendly website, and provide useful information for their buyer, investor etc.


  • Content¬†management system, can easily manage the content/promotion from backend without advance programming knowledge.
  • Dynamic Content Block, easily to manage the content with dynamic modules that able to add into any pages, post etc. Things like tabs, accordion, photo gallery, grid items, banners, parallax image, video etc. Are so easy to add and manage now, and they are responsive design, which fit perfectly into any screen size of the devices.
  • SEO friendly, Optimised for fast loading, compatible with iPad/iPhone/Androids tablet etc. and different kind of modern web browsers.
  • Easy to expand and add-on more modules in future.


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