XiaoMi Mi4 – Premium flagship Phone that only less than MYR 12xx

The medium range Mi3 that i bought last time, give me a good impression of Xiaomi custom ROM – Miui 5/6, and the hardware quality is much better than it’s value, which is only MYR769. Therefore, when Mi4 available in Malaysia, i just bought it without have to think twice. For only MYR12xx, you get […]

Turn your existing WiFi router into 3G Enabled WiFi router

Surprisingly many people didn’t know that most of the WiFi router now a day (with USB port) can use as 3G/LTE WiFi router as well, all you have to is plug in your 3G/LTE dongle to the router USB port (Most are supported Huawei model 3G/LTE dongle) Make sure your WiFi router firmware is upgraded […]

Magic Lens (CCTV Lens) f 35mm 1.7 – Photo and Video shooting test

This lens are amazing, only less than USD50-70, you can get a very stunning result like renders in a soft, glowing and dreamy effect image/video. Photo test One of the disadvantage is that, you won’t be able to use Auto focus with this lens, but who want to use Auto? Manual is fun! For less […]



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